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Judith B. Carducci, PSA— Gallery :: Paintings of landscapes, cityscapes
people and architecture painted for en plein air (on location) workshops

From the May 2015 En Plein Air Workshop in Australia (with a side trip to Middle Earth)




From the August 2014 En Plein Air Workshop in France

From the August 2014 En Plein Air Workshop in Northeast Ohio

On Painting Lefty in Amsterdam, France, Ohio and Maine

The artist, Kimberly Moore, and I had been watching the Great Courses DVDs on Gothic Cathedrals and decided to go to Prague to see the splendid cathedral there (which was featured in the series) and the gorgeous city.  On the day we arrived, I stepped off an unmarked step in a corridor in the hotel, into the air, and fractured my (right, naturally) shoulder in three places.  I didn't get any painting done in Prague, sadly, but I had gone to Amsterdam afterward solely to paint (having toured that fascinating city years ago) and there was no way I was going to miss the chance.  So I did two paintings on the last two days there - on the sidewalk in front of the 17th century canal house inn where we were staying.  We then went on to France where I've taught for ten years, and I continued my lefty painting, for a total of ten in Europe on this trip.  Right after arriving home, I taught a 3-day plein air workshop in Ohio, demonstrating lefty, for another 4 studies.

Next, I'm off to Monhegan Island, Maine.

I'd wondered if or how painting with the non-dominant hand might influence my style, but I'm not sure it has.  Others may judge, but the experience has reminded me that we paint (and write) with our brains, not so much with our hands.  I had polio at age eleven, and the "Sister Kenny" treatment then used required lying on one's back with feet against a board.  The hospital staff knew how important drawing was to my morale, and allowed me to draw by holding a pencil between my toes, on a sketchbook propped against the footboard.  So I'd experienced one other alternative drawing route.

My arm is newly out of the harness, and still too weak and painful for painting, so I'll continue "exploring my sinister side" as one of my friends put it, on the annual painting trip to Monhegan Island, Maine, with friends, September 6 through 16.  And I've signed up to teach again in France in mid-October, 2016.  I hope you'll join me:  it's a beautiful inspiring place!  No matter which hand you use.

— Judy

Typed lefty from my iPad, September 2014


From the April 2014 En Plein Air Workshop in Greece

From the October 2013 En Plein Air Workshop in New Hampshire

From the February 2013 En Plein Air Workshop in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

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From the October 2012 En Plein Air Workshop in Southern France

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From the May 2012 En Plein Air and Portraiture Workshop in South Africa

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"They said they preferred having had the challenge
of the bad weather and experiencing the vicissitudes
of plein air painting. They also did some exciting
and interesting grey paintings!" —Judy