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Judith Carducci "Painting the Portrait in Pastel, Nick"

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A complete double disk, over three hours of demonstration, with all the technique and thinking that goes into getting it right. From a loose drawing, she places the measurements of the head and then includes the right hand. She is squinting a lot of the time and, using the charcoal stick, drops plum lines from corner of the eye to shoulder, ear to hand, pupil to mouth. She explains how the shadow areas help her to define the masses, and with each stroke Judy puts in more and more detail. She talks about glazing and how to use shadow to enhance the features of the face. Those who work in oil find her methods useful because she is such a precise colorist who employs the selective use of "melting edges.” She has purposely put in the arm and hand to show how easily and simply they can be portrayed. It is a fascinating video and one we are sure you will treasure.

Judith Carducci Painting En Plein Air "Clouds and Sea" in Pastel

"Old San Juan" series — 2-hour DVDOrder online

Judith comments "...on a morning like this there's no time for debate. Scudding clouds and rising sun mean everything changes moment by moment. Get going. I painted what I saw, what thrilled me, as fast as I could, without wasting time deciding what it was about. And ultimately it really seemed to sort itself out: the dark fort, silhouetted against the bright sea and sky turned out to be the center of interest. The bright colorful buildings and the graceful road lead to the fort, as do the wall and cliff on the left. The sky gives it all atmosphere. The march of the buildings and the lamp posts, the curve of the road, the shapes of the clouds, the mist from the water enveloping the base of the fort - all give movement.

" But really, when all is said and done, the painting is all about Light."

Judith Carudcci Painting En Plein Air "Shadow and Light" in Pastel

"Old San Juan" series — 2-hour DVD Order Online

Judith comments "We all paint according to our personalities. I love architecture, but my personality is not compatible with painting straight lines and stiff buildings with careful details like an architectural drawing. I like the way air shimmers and blurs detail and line, how it sharpens some edges and melts others. It does this by light and shadow and atmosphere...
   I half-closed my eyes to get the light and shadow pattern and then painted like a house afire, abstracting the buildings as they went into the distance. Details, such as windows, balconies, the textures of the cobblestones, and the lacy Christmas decorations, were added at the end.
   This street has great charm. I painted it again, in similar light but in a horizontal format, the following day (here). And I painted it again as a nocturne, with the Christmas lights and street lamps aglow, in 2010 (here)."

Judith Carducci "Fruitfulness: Still Life" in Pastel

"Old San Juan" series — 2-hour DVD Order Online

This DVD demonstrates how to setup, explore and master a brilliant still life. Judith talks about what to put in and what to leave out, and how to make things look 3 dimensional. Judith demonstrates her passion and knowledge of color as she talks about “pushing the color.” We, as artists, have the chance to find the drama and to make something wonderful out of everyday things.
   Judith adds "Although this is a 'still' life, I wanted movement: the fruit rises out of the bottom edge, the bull walks out of the side but hasn't quite left the space, and the sculpted head floats out of the space at the top. The two halves of the papaya overlap at angles that create tension, and the orange half leans in at almost a "tangent" or "kiss" - which still life painters are often cautioned to avoid... but I like to play with breaking rules! And that is the point at which the little violet flower appears, setting off the most extreme contrast between the yellow orange and the bright purple complementary colors.

Judith Carducci "Old San Juan" series 3 DVD Set

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  • Painting En Plein Air "Clouds and Sea" in Pastel
  • Painting En Plein Air "Shadow and Light" in Pastel
  • "Fruitfulness: Still Life" in Pastel

Portrait Society of America Instructional DVDs

Judith Carducci - Pastel Demonstration — Portrait of James Gurney

2013 Art of the Portrait Conference Order Online

Judith Carducci entertains the crowd as she demonstrated the essentials of working in pastels. Her model was author, artist and teacher, James Gurney.

Judith Carducci - People's Choice Special Artist Demonstration

2009 Art of the Portrait Conference Order Online

By popular demand, this vibrant, award-winning artist with over 30 years of experience as an instructor brings the canvas to life in rich pastel. Robert Liberace models, as Judith makes us laugh, energizing the live audience and home viewers alike with her enthusiastic technique and vivid palette.

Five + Three: Steps to Professionalism, Leadership, and Service

2011 Art of the Portrait Conference Order Online

Featuring Judith Carducci, with Gordon Wetmore, Jennifer Welty, Bart Lindstrom, Rich Nelson and Patricia Watwood