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Limited First Edition Memoir Authored by Judith Carducci

“... rivaling in a special way the writings of Robert Henri ... This book is a triumph ... not to be missed! ”

— Dr. Louis Zona, Executive Director,
Chief Curator The Butler Institute of American Art

Role Reversal:My Life In-Out-In Art

An autobiography by Judith Carducci

300 page high quality softcover
with over 300 artwork images and photos

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for this splendid coffee table art book memoir!

“The title of the book forecasts the upheaval in the life of a serious woman artist ... It ends on a bright note of fulfillment, but tempered by regret for three decades lost, bracketed by an early budding career as a classically trained professional artist and by a restart and success after a hiatus of more than 30 years. This is the story of how it unfolded.” — Judith B. Carducci

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featuring Role Reversal and her book on the "why to" of still lifes, Steel Table Still Lifes: Reflections