2010 Demonstration for the "Inspiring Figures" Portrait Society of America show at the Butler Institute of American Art (see Judy's news page for more on the show.)

Tyler's mother emailed: "I'm just over the moon about it. You nailed him! Plus I love that pose, leaned forward, engaged..." and his sculptor dad added "Tyler's portrait came yesterday and I was MOST impressed with it as both a painting and in the likeness! It is really him. It's hard sometimes for a parent to see their child as an adult as well carry those visions of them as children but his features seem to hold both stages for me. Thank you!
   "I loved the balance between the warm/cool colors and the interpretive, energy driven strokes of the pastels. It not only projects your understanding of the facial forms but it has depth below the page surface. Great values too."

Perhaps the greatest accolade is the rumor that this young man has chosen the portrait for his Facebook profile image!

Pastel on 20" x 16" Ampersand Pastelbord

Private Collection